One of the best things about bingo is its versatility. There are many variations of the game which makes it extremely exciting for players. As you begin playing online, you will find that some online bingo sites will offer games (or types of games) that others do not. Therefore, it is a good idea to check out several websites so that you can figure out which games you enjoy most and what website offers them. Below, we will take a look at some of the most common types of bingo games available online.

1. 75 Ball Bingo: 75 Ball Bingo is the game most commonly played in the United States. It is considered the traditional form of the game in that part of the world. This form of bingo is played on a 55 board with 75 being the highest number on the card.

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2. 90 Ball Bingo: 90 Ball Bingo is largely played outside of the United States. It is the preferred type of bingo game used in the United Kingdom. Players can win multiple prizes from the same board. The bingo card has 9 columns and 3 rows.

3. Regular Bingo: This is the most straightforward form of the game. The participants play for only one prize. The first person to cover their card in the pre-determined pattern wins.

4. Combo: In Combo games, there is more then one way to win and the same player can win twice or multiple players can win. For example, someone may win with a l-shape and another person may follow up that win with a 4 corner pattern.

5. Pre-call: Pre-call games require that all cards be sealed. No one can see their cards until the game begin. These types of games usually have big payouts and are special “events.” They are played this way because there are so many numbers that must be called. Therefore, they are able to save time by are giving some of them out at the beginning of the game.

6. Odd-Even: This is another sealed bingo card game. Either odd or even numbers are called, hence the name.

7. Progressive: Progressive bingo gives you an opportunity to win a lot of money. The winner must get bingo in a pre-determined number of calls. If no one wins, the pot is carried over to the next round. The winnings grow until there is finally a winner. This means that the pot has the potential to grow quite big.

As you can see, there are a few different types of bingo games. This list is just a partial one. Other bingo sites even offer forms of the game different then these. Some types of bingo are quite different fundamentally such as 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo while others are only slight variations.

As stated above, not every bingo site will offer every type of the game. Some will over a few, while others may only offer one. This is will largely depend on where they are headquartered and how big the site is. Typically, your bigger, more established websites will offer more forms of the game. Most websites that we mention on this site will have a pretty good and varied selection. You should take a look at them as you have time.