Blackjack is a fun and exciting game to play. To increase your probability of winning, try to follow these rules.


When you are dealt an eleven, always double down. You have a good probability of making a good hand and you get to double your bet after you have seen your cards. This is a good opportunity to pad your bankroll.


Never take insurance. It is basically a sucker’s bet. The likelihood of the dealer having a blackjack is minimal. If you’re beat, you’re beat. By losing your insurance bet, you now need to win just to win a little money.

Even Money

If the dealer is showing an ace and you have blackjack, you can take even money. As a general rule, only think about taking even money when your bankroll is even or negative. If your bankroll is positive, take a chance. The probability of both of you having blackjack is minimal.

Let the Dealer Bust

If the dealer’s up card is a two through six, don’t hit if you have a twelve or higher. If your card count is soft (Ace), considering hitting until it becomes a hard number. Letting the dealer bust is a key to winning at blackjack.

Split Eights

8-8 is sixteen and a bad hand. By splitting this pair, you have a good change to make one good hand and push–breaking even. If you don’t split them, you can either stand with this bad hand or hit, but a majority of the deck will bust you.

Don’t Chase Wins

If you begin to lose, don’t increase your bets thinking you have to win soon. It is possible to not win for hours. Keep your bets even keeled and keep playing your game.